At Pomceg Electronics we are specialists in produce and design high frequency transformers for their application on Switching Mode Power Supplies (SMPS). However, thanks to our extensive experience, our product portfolio is much broader, including low frequency transformers, inductors, filters and chokes.
With the total customer satisfaction as the main objective, both the products and the design, manufacturing and sales processes have flexible phases in which we are in continuous contact with the client to inform them about the status of their project. Thus, we offer total transparency in order to face together the difficulties that may arise.

High Frequency Transformers

Full automatic production process for their end application on Switching Mode Power Supplies (SMPS)

Low Frequency Transformers

We have several types depending on the power range required

Inductors, Filters and Chokes

100% customized

Strategic markets

Thanks to the extensive experience of Pomceg Electronics and its way of working, master guidelines are very diverse, highlighting the following sectors as strategic markets. In addition, we work in other markets such as: Distribution networks, power line coupling transformers, industrial electronics and air conditioning.

White Goods





Renewable Energies