Pomceg Electronics

It is a Spanish company that emerged in 2012 as a specialized brand in the design and manufacture of High Frequency transformers, inductances, filters and chokes for Switching Mode Power Supplies (SMPS).

Since our beginnings, we have continued working to maintain the excellence demanded by the market, improving our competitiveness day by day.
Thanks to this, we can distinguish ourselves for being a company with a mentality and procedures inherited from the multinational character of our customers, who have a great international recognition.

Proceso de fabricación con láser

Belonging to the Automotive Cluster of Aragón (CAAR)

Thanks to the experience we have obtained over the last few years as suppliers to the automotive sector, we have been included as active partners in the Aragon Automotive Cluster.
This has allowed us to be much closer to the latest novelties in terms of regulations and strategies, presenting at the same time new points of view arising from the technological development of a sector in constant evolution. This matter earned us the title of Company of the Month within the cluster, which reflects the good work of the company.
Proceso de fabricación con láser

Named PYME of the month of March


Calidad en los productos


From our Headquarter located in Spain (Zaragoza), we have a professional team who has more than 10 years of experience. The most expert people are distributed along key departments (R&D, Quality and Production). The professionalism of our team is reflected in each one of our products.

Production lines

We have several automatic production lines in our Spanish plant, which have the most advanced technology and provide us with a production capacity of up to 400.000 units per month. This help us to commit “just in time” deliveries and flexibility in the face of temporary market fluctuations.

Proceso de fabricación con láser
Calidad en los productos


We work daily focus on all our efforts on product quality, achieving rejection ratios close to 0%, guaranteeing 100% control during the production. These levels of quality allow us to be preferential suppliers in highly specialized areas.


In our product portfolio, high and low frequency transformers stand out, as well as inductors, filters and chokes that can be applied to different areas such as Medical, Vending or Renewable Energies, among others.

Proceso de fabricación con láser
Calidad en los productos


A better world is possible. Our social commitment along our conduct code, leads us to avoid using materials whose origin can lead to the violation of human rights, according to the Law on Conflicting Materials signed in 2010 by Barack Obama in the US.

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