Experts in transformes.
“More than just good products”

Thanks to our experience, we can offer the best solutions in the design and manufacture of transformers and inductive components within all the topologies that exist for high frequency switched power supplies (SMPS).
In addition, our automated production process, along the quality certifications obtained, make our products valid for special applications in highly technological sectors.

Quality certified
by independent authorities

As result of well done job is clearly showed throughout the obtained certificates. Apart of the ones related with raw materials used, we have other ones that show the result of our daily work, showing our continuous improvements.


Experience, quality and service
to consolidate in different products

Customized and standard designs

Raw Materials certified by UL94 V-0

THD and SMD products

Production lines 100% automatic

Especial certificates available

Specialists in the automotive sector

In Pomceg Electronics, we have increased our R&D and production activities in the specific field of automotive.

Currently, the company is working as a preferred supplier for two national and international manufacturers of E.V. chargers and we will develop during 2021 two R+D+i projects in collaboration with other entities in order to expand the knowledge and products portfolio focused on this sector.


On time

Our extensive experience allows us to be fully aware of how important are Just In Time deliveries. If we add to that the flexibility that an automated local production provides us, we get that our customers can reduce their indirect costs.


The trust of our customers,
our best guarantee


Custom Design


Safety Stock